The world does not need another food blog. But, having started a second more active foray into the wonders of healthful food and mindful eating I need somewhere to record the recipes I attempt and modify – and other domestic arts. There might even be a few posts about the garden.

Along the way there will be disasters and triumphs – you are welcome to follow along


and share your thoughts.

And the name? A Greek alphabetical pun.

Alpha – Alfalfa – Sprouted alfalfa is a healthy addition to salads or sandwiches.

Beta – Beets – I love the roots juiced, baked or steamed and the greens steamed. The roots are also nice in chocolate cake.

Gamma – Gramma – I have never had this type of pumpkin yet, but will endeavour to try making a gramma pie if I can get hold of one. There is a picture on this blog post at Florez Nursery blog.